Anime Evo has been in existence for over 4 years and has had 3 versions released so far, and as such, we’ve had a number of staff members and teams working on Anime Evo. Currently there are three people actively involved in the site, and they are:

Current Staff:

Setsuken/Hassan Mansur Javaid: (Owner/Editor-n-Chief)

The Owner, webmaster, designer, coder and writer for the site. Anime Evo is Setsuken’s proclamation of love for Anime, which he can’t seem to get enough of. He’s a 26 year old male, and current resides in the Unites States of A and is persuing an education in college for Video Game Design. He likes to draw, watch anime, game, and generally enjoy life. While his addiction for in door entertainment is strong,  he’s also a fan of the outdoors.

That said, the road for Setsuken throughout the time of Anime Evo has been a long and harsh one, as people have come and gone, some missed while some not. While things and events may change, as long as Setsuken’s fandom for Anime exists, Anime Evo will continue to exist as well.

FlareKnight: (Vice Editor-n-Chief)

An older member at 28, yet a new addition to Anime Evo. Recently graduating University and in the difficult point between school and a true career. Anime being a salvation and blogging a good way to put all those hours of writing essays to some use. Enjoys talking about series, yet not taking on so many that the quality dips. A Canadian who enjoys his anime and hearing what others think about the series he enjoys watching.

Introduced to anime a long time back with series like Slayers and the original Inuyasha (thankfully that was eventually completed). He’s the type who would rather stay out of arguments and just enjoy watching anime. Sometimes taking the less fun route of trying not to anger anyone, but also speaking up when it’s necessary. Starting to blog was as much a surprise to him as anyone. His habit of posting long replies to blogs eventually got him invited to a different blog from Anime Evo. A surprise invitation to guest blog for Anime Evo lead him to taking a more permanent position. When it comes to genres he’ll take action and fantasy over quite a few others.

Flower: (Contributing Editor)

Currently the “oji-san” of the staff members age wise (in his mid 40’s) yet the most recent addition, he is also a Japanophile from his teen years while not quite an “otaku” who lives in the United States. Came to actively following anime late in life (in 2008), but in general loves the traditional arts, history and culture of Japan as a whole, both ancient and modern.

In terms of tastes … he shies away from horror, ecchi, gore, mecha and grimdark generally. Sci fi, shoujo, some mystery, tragedy, some supernatural, some comedy, historical drama and the like are okay. He tends to like: the Healing genre series (such as Aria, Tamayura or Sketchbook Full Colors); Heavy world-building themed Fantasy series (such as Juuni Kokki, Saiunkoku Monogatari or Kemono no Souja Erin); “older school” mahou shoujo; and the Slice of Life genre – particularly VN based productions (KyoAni’s are especially good) on the one hand and “Kirara Manga” and its’ variants’ adaptations (Hidamari Sketch, etc.) on the other.

On Leave/Retired


Special Thanks To

Anime Evo would like to specially thank the following ex-staff for their contributions to the site:

Lunaki/Kathryn for being one of the founders of Anime Evo and helping create it in it’s early days

Lithium Flower/Rabia for heading the reviews department and doing a lot of reviews

-Dee/Keturah: For being the admin for Anime Evo’s forums, as well as blogging the FMA brotherhood series

Blood/Ayaz for Reviewing The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

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The Owner, webmaster, designer, coder and writer for the site. Anime Evo is Setsuken’s (Hassan's) proclamation of love for Anime, which he can’t seem to get enough of. He’s a 26 year old male, and current resides in the USA . A writer for a number of years Hassan is also a 3D Artist, a Game Designer, a Web Designer and a Huge Anime Obsessed Enthusiast.

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