Basic premise:

Chaos Head tells the tale of Nishijou Takumi, a teenager who is a “hikimori, Otaku” and is schitezophrenic to boot. Things go horribly wrong to Takumi when he starts getting messages of the “New Gen Murders” and soon after witnesses one of them himself. Was what he saw real? Is he the real murderer himself? Is this reality or all just a delusion?

Opinions/Rant (A):

Alright… so Chaos Head is Madhouse’s latest creation, and is in turn adapated from the Eroge of the same name. I think Madhouse may have hit gold yet again.

The thing that makes Chaos Head so awesome is the whole “delusions v.s reality” thing that the show keeps going with. The main character is a guy who’s plagued with Schetzophrenia, and ontop of that from I’ve seen so far, the very special thing about this anime is that people can make their delusions become reality. And our dear, pyscho, cowardly, inconfident main character is basically one of the people who can do this, or so it seems.

The good and bad thing about this anime is how… confusing it is XD It’s hard to exactly guess what is going on, and to some, that can be very interesting. In this day an age, when anime that challenge logic, reality and such are dieing out, I think Chaos Head is a welcome change of pace.

On top of that, Takumi’s “erotic” delusions are always hilarious, especially when he snaps back into reality and notices that what he was seeing a second ago was NOT real.

I can’t recommend this show to everyone, since some people will be quite annoyed by how the plot keeps spining in circles, giving small hints to “what” may be going on. The closest parrellel I can draw to Chaos Head’s story telling style, is Grant Morrison’s latest Batman arc, Batman R.I.P (If anyone’s read that xD). Where the plot is a confusing, nightmarish landscape that slowly dangles possiblities infront of you before confusing you yet again.

I’ll be blogging this Show from now on, Onward to Episode 7!


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