During my usual round of looking for new anime releases on Anime-Suki, I found something rather disturbing… That BayTSP was tracing I.P Addresses on Public Torrent trackers and then sending DMCA C&D letters to ISPs for downloading “unliscensed” anime on behalf of ANIPLEX.

To Quote the thread on the Anime Suki Forums:

Well, just found out on irc by following a conversation that BayTSP is using crawlers on tokyotosho and animesuki in order to obtain ip’s and in turn send letters to the ISP’s and users when one is downloading a series, even if that series is unlicensed.

Got this from a link that was posted too which pretty much sums the conversation that went on :

Torrents links uploaded to tokyotosho.com have been compromised. Agroup that is similar to Media Defender called BayTSP run by a selfrighteous faggot named Mark Ishikawa has sent crawlers out to searchfor addresses to send DMCA Cease and Desist letters. Companies such asAniplex have hired this distasteful group to work on their behalf. Theyhave even giving warnings for animes unlicensed in USA/English with nocertain date for release.

And only to confirm this there was already one response on anidb regarding chihiros releases of sekirei..

“so i got something that beats anything you guys have to say about this group. I’m not flaming, trolling, or anything.

I JUST got off the phone with my ISP here in Kentucky. The only group I’ve dl’ed Sekirei from is Chihiro. Guess who sent a Cease and Desist: Copyright Infringement notice to my ISP and had my internet disabled? Aniplex. Why was that sent? I was downloading Sekirei “using a bittorrent network with the files available for others to upload / download.”

WTF? Using Trackers to find I.Ps and then send Crease and Desist Notices to ISPs? Has Aniplex totally lost it’s fucking mind? No seriously… WTF?

I wish these stupid Anime producers would understand two things:

  • Fansubbing and torrent downloads of unliscensed anime PROMOTES their product for eventual liscensing.
  • Those who download anime, a big percentage of such would never even care or hear about anime if it weren’t for download. So there is No MARKET that’s being saved.

As Animation Studios in Japan reach a new low, mainly thanks to fag companies like BayTSP. Quoting from the same thread:

BayTSP has been around since, what, 2002? Yes, the guy running it is a self-promoting dilweed who sees a “value-added service” niche to fill. Nothing new there. They burble up in the news every year or two. He talks like a swaggering righteous paladin because his clients love it.

Great… As if Funimation wasn’t bad enough, having fansub groups drop shows JUST as they were getting popular, and then license them TWO years later at cheap ass prices. And now we have BayTSP directly targeting users.

Of course, Chihiro is NOT to blame, as they have been uploading their stuff to public trackers. In the future I can see but two things… Either Fansub groups will start getting private trackers, or Fansubbing will become a rarity. It’s beyond stupid how Anime Studios are shooting themselves in the foot like this.

Expect a full fledged article on WHY fansubs need to stay for atleast another few years VERY soon. Now excuse me while I go to the sink and puke with disgust.

Oh and Check the other relevant links for more information:

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Source: AnimeSuki Forums

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