It’s a sad day, but it seems like Funimation is back to playing best friend for Japanese Animation studios. Fans of Hitman Reborn and Nabari Na Ou cry your hearts out, there is NOT going to be another fansubbed release… ever. All the groups fansubbing These two shows have been sent letters by Funimation asking them to comply with the DMCA, an act that was signed in 1998 (Danm you Clinton!).

With both Shinsen Subs and Yuurisan Subs having dropped Reborn and Nabari Na Ou being dropped by Yuurisan and Rumi Productions too, the future looks bleak for those of us who actually wanted to see what was gonna happen.

To make matters worse, BOTH anime were at a rather critical point in their respective stories. We can only hope that some secret group decides to sub both these shows (especially Reborn… which JUST got oh so danm good!) ;_;

Source: Yuurisan Official Website, Shinsen Subs Official Website, Rumi Productions Official Website

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