Any show with “AIR GUITAR! FUCKING AIR GUITAR!” can be claimed as awesome.

Ever dreamed of girls, drugs, old sickass guitars in your trailer and a mountain of loose women to sniff cocaine off? Well, if your ready to sell your soul to DMC (and no you gullible DantexNero fanfiction writers, keep your panties on) you just may.

Detroit Metal City, the name for a famous heavy metal band in Tokyo, fascinated by excessive makeup, wailing shreds, crunchy guitar riffs and excessive songs all related to raping their mothers and drinking her bodily fluids. The night is young,the beer is cold and the music is louder than a 13 year old with a thing for black men. Detroit Metal City may be labeled by “normal”people as vile, disgusting, filth, rapistville and a bastard child, but what the fuck do “normal” people know anyway except Linkin Park and crying themselves to sleep?

Ask any self-respecting man, that if manliness had a soundtrack. it would be hardcore Heavy Metal. Detroit Metal City just takes the ordinary heavy metal scene and turns into into a wacky, crazy and tastefully HILARIOUS take on j-heavy metal and their fetish for ripping off KISS and looking like women.

Okay okay, I know I may sound like a total fanboy at this moment giggling away at the numerous times I have to hear the main protagonist say “Rape that fucking bitch!” and not to mention im not 12 years old, but DMC does have some annoyances about it that just make me want to eat my own tongue:

First off, the art is something out of the deepest pits of Hell and tenderized with spit, then slightly garnished with old school crosshatching and ink. Secondly, Ive seen like a couple of minutes of it and I can tell straight off the bat they’ll be using 3-4 songs AT MAX, that will make up the complete OST of it. Thirdly this being a show which looks aimed at a very select “unique” (very fucked up) target audience, so dont expect to like this show if you dont know what in the blue earth metal is or if you dont like shinanigans that even nickelodean cant man up to.

Characters are interesting enough to keep you interested, but why does every rock boy want to be motherfucking Kouki-kun? (watch BECK if you dont know what im talking about). The mix of oddballs, alterego nits and even a slightly cliche love interest thrown into the mix ….. OH, and dont forget the metalhead groupies, all make this show amusing but again like I said, most people who never thought about grabbing a guitar and singing about raping people will call this a steaming pile of turd.

I know, people reading this will think Im a psychotic machosist who likes to kill as a daily habit and rape their corpses, well yes most of my day DOES comprise of this and yes METAL is the fucking best thing since Mountain Dew and pop rocks!

If you like metal, and like the good wacky humour that will put Excel Saga to shame, you WILL like this. YOU HEAR ME!? YOU WILL FUCKING LIKE IT!

-Amar Ali

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