Better late than never!

Jasdero and Devit has combined into a single body, a single Noah with the name of Jasdevi. Allen tries to attack Jasdevi, angrily asking how Jasdevi could dare to attack Krory. Jasdevi merely laughs and says that ‘that vampire’ had been making a fool out of them and they’re only teaching him a lesson. Jasdevi places a hand on Allen’s chest, a pentagram/star holds up Allen and ‘shocks’ him as Jasdevi watch and ponder how they should take care of him.

Perhaps by changing him into a bomb to blow up the next door? But before they can do so, Krory’s punches through the pentagram, shattering it into pieces and releasing Allen. Lavi helps Allen up as Krory struggles to gain some composure and strength. He angrily states to Jasdevi that his name is Arystar and they should stop calling him a vampire. Still confident over their strength, Jasdevi are half impressed that Krory’s still able to stand despite all that blood loss.

He really must be some kind of monster. Krory stumbles due to his injuries, Lavi and Allen help him stand back up, asking if hes alright. Quietly Krory replies that hes fine and pushes both Lavi and Allen back. Suddenly Allen looks down at his hand that was holding up Krory and its drenched in Krory’s blood. Jasdevi gloat over Krory, telling him not to force himself. Concerned, Lavi asks Krory how many more bottles of Chomesuke’s blood hes got left.

Krory’s still trying to catch his breath as he replies that hes got 3 bottles left. Lavi’s worried that the door is already open and the whole group cant afford to get delayed in the room. Cutting into his musings, Jasdevi speak up that they are going to kill everyone. They attack Allen, throwing him back against the wall and use Lavi’s head to go into a jump. Totally ticked off Lavi hits Jasdevi with his Fire Seal. Its a direct hit! Lavi seems surprised that he’s managed to hit Jasdevi but they merely come out of the flame by punching Lavi out stating that the fire is hot.

They turn to Krory stating that he’s next. Jasdevi’s hair lengthens further and sways in the air, their ends resembling small pointy spears as they fly towards Krory. The hair spears (for a lack of a better term) impale Krory and Jasdevi punch him smack in the gut. Jasdevi gloats to Krory that their level of strength is far greater than the ‘kids’ they faced earlier. Another hard punch in the gut has Krory crashing straight up into the ceiling. Bleeding profusely Krory falls back to the ground as Jasdevi states that their body is the toughest as it can get. Allen and Lavi try a combined attack but no avail.

Jasdevi’s able to easily dodge or block the attacks and give the attack back and then some! Krory grabs a hold of Jasdevi’s hair and holds them down while yelling at Allen to grab Lenalee and the others and to just go. Jasdevi impales Krory yet again with their hair as the room starts to collapse. Krory urges the others to go as they cant afford for the whole group to get stranded here. Allen yells back that hes wounded so they cant just leave him behind.

But Krory merely yells back thats exactly why they should leave him behind. He wont be able to fight long with his present injuries anyways. And if he were to go through the door then who would be able to protect Lenalee and Chaioji? Stating that he trusts both Allen and Lavi, thats why he wants them to leave. The ground is shaking worse than before, with explosions occurring at every few feet. One occurs right in front of Krory and the others can only stand and watch in shock.

Allen recalls what Kanda said to him as they had left and realizes that he must trust Krory to do this. The smoke clears and Jasdevi steps out to find that the others have already left and there is only Krory left, lying in a pool of his own blood. Beyond the door Lenalee is straining against Allen, fighting to go back through the door to get Krory. Allen tries to get her to calm down but shes panicking that they cant afford to split up anymore and that Krory’s already hurt badly.

Allen yells her name and she quiets down, surprised. Allen takes her face in his hands and confidently states that it will all be alright and they will all go home together. Thats what everyone thinks and he wont give up on protecting everyone. He comments that she isn’t acting as strong as she usually is and that shes like his elder sister. Slightly peeved Lavi elbows Allen right in the head and states that his nii-san hasnt given up either! In addition, Krory still has 3 bottles of Chomesuke’s blood with him so he’ll be alright. Plus all that they can do is trust him.

Jasdevi are walking towards the door when they get hit with a large object to the back. Its a silver flask with some blood drops dripping out.They’re rather surprised to find that Krory is still alive and kicking. Krory attacks but Jasdevi easily dodge and kick Krory in the face. Krory attacks again but he’s clearly pushing himself. Krory’s really getting beat up bad and Jasdevi pick up the flask and ponder out loud at its contents, asking if its fresh human blood given its color. They taste it and freak out that its Akuma blood. They state angrily if Krory is crazy to be drinking that stuff.

Krory is nonchalant over it, stating that it tastes rather like tomato juice. (XD) Jasdevi find it disgusting and ask Krory that isnt he despised in normal human society? Dont people hate him? And his comrades must be glad to get rid of a burden and a monster like him. Smirking Krory asks if Jasdevi have been despised by humans as well? No reply from Jasdevi and cool as ice Krory asks what seems to be the matter. Did he hit the bulls eye? But Jasdevi grins and attack Krory with a new ferocity calling him a monster over and over again.

They try to crush him between two pentagrams stating that thats the way to kill a monster right? To crush it rather like meat in a sandwich? Krory tries to stop the pentagram from coming down but he cant stop it. As it closes Jasdevi suddenly wonder aloud that to kill a vampire dont you have to nail a wooden cross into its heart? Not really caring they turn back to the gate but turn around at Krory’s voice stating that it really isnt about nailing the cross into the heart.

You can’t see Krory because it seems hes still crushed between the pentagrams as he speaks that the vampire has died after sucking out the blood of the woman that he loves. And the only person allowed to call him a vampire no longer exists (Eliade). Quickly blood starts staining the pentagram and he tells Jasdevi to stop calling him a vampire before he gets angry and he punches through the pentagram. He sits up stating that hes the Exorcist who is going to exterminate him. In a sudden burst of speed he moves behind Jasdevi and lands a blow on their back.

Jasdevi yell that that hit hurts like hell as Krory shows off his new weapons. His hands are like claws, his blood has hardened o his hands to make them tougher. Jasdevi wonders if Krory is able to pull that move of because of its his blood that contains the power of his Innocence. But he’s still confused as to whats going on because before he seemed close to pushing up daises and now hes fighting fit.

Jasdevi wonder maybe they turned his anger into power when they called him a vampire…but wait, that only happens in manga…. They realise that Krory had somehow managed to drink down the second bottle of Akuma blood. And that is the reason why he gets stronger. They wonder if Krory has any more Akuma blood with him. But Krory’s really struggling because the poison from the Akuma’s blood is spreading fast through out his body and thats why he can’t take it all in one go now. Krory stats coldly that hes cant really bear to kill children and Jasdevi state that its alright given that they wont give him the chance at all. And again they attack first but Krory manages to block it and rushes towards Krory.

Back to Tyki and Road, Tyki wonders as to what exactly Road is doing. Road is going through her closet trying to pick something to wear and asks Tyki to change as well. He asks as to why he should change and Road replies because Allen will be coming soon. Tyki asks bout Jasdevi and Road replies that they managed to let Allen escape. Road states that given that Jasdero and Devit are bonded in memories, that makes it their strongest point and their Achilles heel at the same time. Suddenly she wanders off topic that she’ll have to make dinner as well and we’re back to Krory and Jasdevi’s fight.

Krory seems to be holding his own against Jasdevi, even managing to land a slight scratch on Jasdevi’s cheek. But Jasdevi can still easily avoid Krory’s attack and is amazed that Krory is able to heal thanks to one small bottle. Jasdevi kicks Krory upside on the head but Krory grabs their leg and slams em hard into the ground, back first. Jasdevi’s hair wrap around Krory and push him back, slamming him high and hard into the bookcase. Jasdevi ask is Krory has anymore Akuma blood left? The same blood that kills humans is something that can heal him. His Innocence seems to be an evil type. Jasdevi asks if Krory realizes that others must see him as a monster for such a thing.

Krory asks if Jasdevi really thinks that they’ll be able to catch him in such a manner? And tears apart Jasdevi’s hair from around him. Jasdevi tries to attack again but Krory dodges stating that Jasdevi will only suffer from hair loss if this keeps on. Krory ponders on his chances of victory, he could win if he were to drink the last bottle of Akuma blood but he can’t because the poison is spreading through his body and fast. Could it be that having drunk the blood after being heavily injured affected his power to cleanse the posion from his body? If he were to take the last bottle, then he’d die of poisioning. Jasdevi attacks, asking why Krory seems to be spacing out.

They seem to be evenly matched, landing equal bloods on each other. But the effect of the poison is spreading fast throughout Krory and Jasdevi really knocks Krory around the room. Krory decides that its all or something at this point. Jasdevi sneak up the side and ask if Krory is wondering if he should drink that last bottle right about now. Krory is shocked as to how Jasdevi found out about the last bottle. A thick lock of Jasdevi’s hair slips out from under Krory’s cloak holding the last flask. Jasdevi planted that hair piece when they attacked Krory previously. Krory tries to take the bottle back and it falls to the floor.

Both Jasdevi and Krory free fall to the ground and Krory is desperate to get it back. It doesnt matter if he dies but he will protect Allens and the others at all cost. They fall hard and dust rises around them in a large cloud. As the dust clears, Krory sees that he’s actually holding a large rock! Jasdevi managed to grab the bottle before him! Jasdevi holds Krory down by pushing his hand into his wrists and legs, effectively pinning him down. They state that its a pity really…Krory might have had a chance to defeat them IF he could have consumed the last bottle of blood.

Horrified Krory realizes that Jasdevi are going to drink the last bottle of blood! He yells at them to stop but to no avail and they chug the blood down, stating the end that that tasted disgusting. He pokes Krory with his hair and asks if he’s dead. Krory replies with a punch that is easily blocked by Jasdevi. They state that its impossible for Krory to beat him now but Krory merely grins and states that he can still bring Jasdevi down with him as the room collapses. Jasdevi grin manically and state that for Krory to do that would be impossible! Another earthquake occurs, the room falling apart even more.

Jasdevi hold Krory up by his shirt and Krory makes a last ditch effort to grab Jasdevi, stating that he wont let them go. Suddenly an Iron Maiden (If you’ve seen Shaman King y’ know what I’m talking about. A contraption that’s bout the size of a person in which people used to be locked up. And did I mention there are sharp spikes on the sides so if you’re stuck in there you could possibly bleed to death.) appears and closes up on Krory.

A button from his shirt flies off as Jasdevi laugh. Krory pushes the two halves apart, but he isn’t able to push himself out. He reaches out for Jasdevi but the Maiden closes up on him and JAsdevi make to leave the room as Krory’s arm hangs out from the closed Maiden.


Whew! What a fast paced episode! Not much humor in this one and it was quite dark as well. And the ending made me slightly nauseous as well…the sight of Krory’s arm hanging out of the Maiden in that angle was just….*shudders*

Again with Lenalee being all weak…not happy at all! I want action! A.C.T.I.O.N! And when is Chaoiji going to get his Innocence as well? *taps foot impatiently* I really liked the development of Krory. If you go back at this point and see his first mission, he’s really grown a lot.

But man….they’re all the self-sacrificing type arn’t they *head slap* The Angel Mentality Problem as I call it… The next episode “Blood Krory” is more awesome than chocolate chip ice cream! Await the next review!

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